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EPB Provides Counseling to Units Failing in Garbage Classification

To implement garbage classification and reduce waste, the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) has strengthened inspection on the private waste collection contractors before their trucks dump the waste at the incinerator. The inspection focuses on whether or not garbage classification is rightly implemented by communities, institutions, schools, groups and business firms which entrust the private contractors to collect and transport their waste. At the first round of checks, 143 units were found to have failed to comply with the garbage classification rules, among which 81 (57%) have still failed in the second round of checks after guidance was conducted. They have been listed for the follow-up checks. If they fail again, they shall be punished by a fine of NT$ 30,000 at maximum.

Director-general Hung Cheng-zhong (洪正中) said, “Our staff will go to those units reported by the private waste collection contractors as failing to comply with the garbage classification rules to check their dumpcarts or kitchen waste containers. If three or more recyclables proclaimed by the Environmental Protection Administration are mixed in them, or if kitchen waste exceeds one sixth of the container, it is deemed as a violation. Our staff will only issue warning tickets to the violators within three violations. At the third violation, our staff will ask the violating units whether they need our guidance or not. After the guidance, any failure will be punished by a fine ranging from NT$ 1,200 to NT$ 6,000 for the non-institutions and NT$ 6,000 to NT$ 30,000 for institutions.

“To reduce waste, we will not only strengthen advocacy for garbage classification and resource recycling to the public but also require all our cleaning units in operation to check whether the garbage bags are broken. All the garbage trucks entering the incinerator will be checked before they dump the waste. If any incompliance is found, the private waste collection contractors will be asked to provide the name list of those units which fail to implement garbage classification well enough, and we will send our staff to double check and provide guidance. All our citizens are urged to perform garbage classification. For further advice or guidance, please contact our Waste Management Division of or the Cleaning Units in your administrative district. Our resource recycling hotline is 04-22294025.”

  • Data update: 2018-11-13
  • Publish Date: 2015-11-25
  • Source: Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Hit Count: 1947