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We have devoted ourselves to environmental protection since our establishment. Our insistence on enthusiastic service and a professional attitude has gained widespread approval and praise. In the future, we will build up a high-quality, safe and pleasant environment in three key areas, that is, professionalism, technology and education, so we can move forward together. Our implementation policies are as follows:
Ensure that people are free from worrying damage to their air, water, soil , and can live a safe and carefree life.
To cherish natural resources and strengthen environmental education in order to achieve the objective of environmental cultivation and protection.
To reduce the damage of environmental pollution to human beings and prevent the expansion of pollution sources.
To continue strengthening pollution prevention measures based on the Environmental Influence Assessment Law.
To improve air quality monitoring and pollution control in sand and gravel processing plants and construction sites so as to effectively reduce the amount of suspended particles in the air and maintain fresh air quality.
Enhance water quality and maintain the ecological function of rivers.
Protect soil from heavy-metal pollution and maintain the soil's productiveness.
Actively establish environmental infrastructure, especially waste treatment facilities, which should be regarded as priority.
Strengthen industrial waste treatment and implement methods to minimize kitchen waste and other sources of garbage, while implementing recycling schemes.
  • Data update: 2018-11-13
  • Publish Date: 2011-12-20
  • Source: Environmental Protection Bureau
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