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Department Responsibility Telephone
Comprehensive Planning Section
  • Plant establishment review Env.
  • Impact Assessment
  • Environmental pollution disputemediation
  • Education of environmental protection promotion
  • Environmental protection volunteers
  • Information management
  • Substitute service management
  • Environmental protection plan



Air Quality And Noise Control Section
  • Collection and refund of air pollution fees to construction sites
  • The business of exhaust examination and reporting of Automobile and motorcycle.
  • Power and exhaust of diesel-powered automobiles examination business.
  • Investigation and approval of fixed pollution sources.
  • Related business of inspection and control of fixed pollution source, and collection of air pollution fees and monitoring examinations.
  • General noise and aviation noise control.
  • Construction pollution control.
  • Management and maintenance integration of air quality.
  • Street dust cleansing.
  • Greening subsidy and fund management.
Water Quality and Soil Conservation Section
  • Sea and underground water pollution prevention business.
  • Soil pollution prevention.
  • Integrating business of water pollution.
  • Establishment of water pollution controlled districts.
  • Establishment and control of water source and water quality protection zones.
  • Draft related regulations
Waste Management Section
  • Recycling.
  • General industrial waste.
  • Industrial waste control, investigation and integrating business.
Environmental Analysis Section
  • Air quality examinations.
  • Air pollutant examinations.
  • Industrial waste water examinations.
  • River examinations.
  • Underground water examinations Drinking water examinations.
  • Soil exam inations.
  • Waste examinations.
  • Drafting of related regulations.
  • Air quality monitoring.
Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management Section
  • Toxic chemical substance management and toxic accident prevention and rescue Environmental medication management
  • Drinking water management.
  • Management of public toilets, and vector-mosquitoes
  • Dirty point and living environment business.
Environmental Inspection Corps
  • Inspections, banning and reporting of bleach of environmental protection regulations.
  • Summary and management of bleach of environmental protection regulation
Environmental Facilities Corps
  • Garbage incineration & disposal Soil water disposal
  • Office management Maintenance, dispatch and management of vehicles
  • General affairs management
  • Employee management
  • Cashier business Research Legal system business
Accounting Office
  • Annual balancing, accounting and statistics business management
Personnel Office
  • Welfare, training, employment and discharge, transfer, business travel, personnel filing, organizational structure research and development
Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Draft and promotion of ethics regulations Prevention, exploration and reporting of corruption and illegal behavior Ethics revolution recommendation Ethics assessment and praise and punishment Maintenance of official confidentiality Drafting of related regulations
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  • Publish Date: 2011-11-21
  • Source: Environmental Protection Bureau
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