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Department Responsibility

Telephone number

Comprehensive Planning Division

responsible for comprehensive business,environmental education, promotion of business promotion, environmental impact assessment, information system planning management, and application, among other things.



Air Quality and Noise Control Division

responsible for air pollution control, noise and vibration control, construction works, and collection of air pollution control fees.



Water Quality and Soil Conservation Division

responsible for water pollution prevention, marine pollution prevention, remediation of soil and groundwater pollution, and other matters.


Waste Management Division

responsible for waste management, civic waste removal and disposal institutions, resource recovery business, and other matters.




Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management Division

responsible for drinking water management, environmental sanitation, city beautification, vector control, toxic chemicals, and environmental medication management.




Cleaning units of Management Division

responsible for cleaning squadron service execution supervision and examination, cleaning squadron management, education and training, planning, procurement, and maintenance of machinery and vehicle equipment.




Labor Safety and Health Division 

responsible for labor safety, labor health, labor safety, health education and training, labor disputes, occupational disaster prevention, accident handling, and other matters.


Environmental Analysis Division

responsible for air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, groundwater pollution, waste, drinking water, toxic chemicals, and other environmental quality inspection, monitoring, research, and development issues.


Environmental Facilities Corp

responsible for the operation and maintenance of garbage landfill, incineration plant, water and fertilizer plant, ash landfill, waste treatment, resource treatment, environmental protection engineering, and related engineering supervision and assessment.



Environmental Inspection Corps

responsible for environmental pollution prevention and control, supervision and management, case reporting, and adjudication services.



Secretary Office

responsible for clerical, archival, seal, affairs, procurement, cashier, legal, research and examination, property management, management of co-workers and personnel subject to labor standards law, public relations, press releases, and matters not related to other departments or offices.



Personnel Office 

responsible for personnel management matters according to law.


Accounting Office

handle annual accounting, accounting, and statistical matters according to law.


Civil Service Ethics Office

handle government ethics matters according to law.


26 District Cleaning Squadrons responsible for road cleaning, side ditch cleaning, environmental patrol inspection, general household garbage waste removal, invalid vehicle reporting and towing, and illegal advertising demolition.

Telephone numbers of regional cleaning teams 

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