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History of the Authority

To actively protect the environment from increasingly serious pollution and enhance environmental quality for our nationals, the Executive Yuan approved the "Environmental Protection Enhancement Project in Taiwan" in its 1627th cabinet meeting held on April 19, 1979. The former Taiwan Provincial Government, to keep up with the needs of times and raise social awareness of environmental protection, approved the establishment of Environmental Protection Bureau in 12 counties in 1988, resulting in the setup of Environmental Protection Bureau in Taichung County and Taichung City on September 1, 1988. These two bureaus have been consolidated to be Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City Government since December 25, 2010, when Taichung County was merged with Taichung City.


A municipality under the jurisdiction of the Central Government now, Greater Taichung is geographically composed of mountains, plains and major rivers (Da-an River, Dajia River, Wu River, etc.) and lies close to Taiwan Strait. With an area of 2,214.6968 square kilometers and a total population of 2,639,905 people, Taichung City is diverse in humanities: it is a densely populated metropolitan and a satellite city while it also has lowly populated aboriginal villages in various patterns. In terms of business activities, it has traditional industries and high-tech industries as well. We need to make use of our environmental advantages and take a macro-thinking attitude to cope with the global trends and properly develop our environmental policy and sustainable development strategy. Our overall policy objective is to "build Taichung into a garden city and low-carbon home town". Our vision is to realize "low-carbon, ecology, and sustainability" in Taichung. Our six policy ideas are "honest and upright and caring", "the establishment of participatory mechanisms", "integration of environmental groups, academies, and research institutes", "community mobilization", "making good use of economic incentives," and "strengthening international cooperation". It is hoped that under the guidance of those policies and guidelines, all our citizens can work together to continue promoting the sustainable development of Taichung and make it a low carbon city where everyone of us can enjoy "blue sky, green earth, green hills, clean water, health, and sustainability".

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  • Publish Date: 2011-12-27
  • Source: Environmental Protection Bureau
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